Welcome to the NEW Streamlined Backshop… Your Virtual DCC Superstore!

Wow! The new website has officially launched this November 1, 2023.

Did you know that Streamlined Backshop stocks nearly 2000 SKUs from the best DCC manufacturers in the business.  Here are some fun facts about our inventory that I learned during the conversion process...

We stock...

  • 36 models of Function Decoders
  • 238 models of Motor Decoders
  • 226 models of Sound Decoders
  • 45 models of Stay-Alive Devices
  • 105 models of of Adapter Boards
  • 228 models of Speakers
  • 70 models of Accessory Decoders

I had to launch before I could finish the advanced filtering tools but rest assured I am working hard to sort that out.  It's just necessary with such and amazing selection of products.

Nov 1st 2023 Bryan Vianco, Owner

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