Improved Product Data and Filtering

I am pleased to announce the final round of site product definition updates are complete and uploaded including the implementation of ADDITIONAL INFORMATION and ADDITIONAL RESOURCES tabs on the product definition pages.

You will find convenient links on the ADDITIONAL RESOURCES tab to pertinent information about the product on this site, the manufacturers site, and anywhere else I think it's worth looking.

Now the ADDITIONAL INFORMATION tab is very special.  You will find all of the pertinent technical specifications I could consolidate from the manufacturers website, product manuals, and technical experts on this tab.  If the information is missing, the manufacturer does not or will not publish the data.

This tab is special for three significant reasons:

  • Technical Specifications
  • Advanced Product Filtering
  • Advanced Product Comparisons

Technical Specifications

This tabs presents a standardized data set for every product we offer.  If you want to know because you're interested or need to know because it matters... now you know.

Some of the categories are a little light out of the gate because I needed to get the data published for decoders and speakers and frankly I haven't decided how i want to address some of the others.  Some items just don't require this level of detail so... is what it is...  I will continue to develop this feature and the product data over time.  

Advanced Product Filtering

This feature of the new site is why I put so much time and effort into this task.  It separates the Backshop from any other site on the web by providing a powerful filtering tool to parse the details of over 1000 combined mobile decoder products to locate exactly the item you need.  Check it out, it's awesome!

Advanced Product Comparisons

This feature of the new site was just a bonus.  I didn't exactly look for this up front or do anything special to develop it  but by standardizing the data for the Advanced Product Filtering tool, it also made a very robust tool for comparing products side-by-side.  N'joy...