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 ZIMO Product Support

 You may CONTACT US directly by phone or email for help with your ZIMO products.

 Online Forum

 One of the best places to get help and general support is the Zimo-DCC Yahoo Groups community.  This forum is not managed or staffed by ZIMO or its representatives.

 This forum does have more combined knowledge on ZIMO products than you can find anywhere else in the world.  If you are a fan of ZIMO products and you have questions... 

 Yahoo User Group Zimo-DCC

 ZIMO Product Repair And Warranty

The fastest way to get it back and the cheapest is if you send it to ZIMO directly. There is no fee, other than the shipping charges both ways (ZIMO does not pay for shipping).

 ZIMO has a pretty good warranty but not an "idiot proof" warranty, meaning that you may have to pay a small fee if you did damage it. The amount is usually determined during the repair but is usually around $15.00 - $20.00.

 They have a special repair form to fill out

   ZIMO Repair Form   

 You can send a short description with the following info:
 1. Of course, your name, email address and shipping address.
 2. Date when you bought the decoder (month/year is close enough)
 3. ZIMO dealer you bought it from
 4. What kind of DCC system you are using
 5. A brief description of what failed: motor outputs, function outputs etc.
 6. "Warranty expected" if you think it should be covered by warranty

 You can send it in a padded envelope directly to:

 Schoenbrunner Straße 188
 A - 1120 Wien

 Be sure to declare a low customs value, under $50.00. In this case, for a "dead" decoder, I would enter $10.00. If you enter more than $50.00 they may charge duty, which ZIMO would not accept and the decoder would be returned without repair.

 ZIMO Warranty Statement


ZIMO Warrany Policy

ZIMO users see
                                                    Tel. ++ 43 (1) 813 10 07 25
           Answers to questions about decoders, software update and sound.
                                   Of course, the caller will be no extra costs!
             In many cases it is easier to the facts in writing, ie by email to
       represent. Some things can be resolved within hours, some take "something" more.

Preceding clarification saves time and money! Unless this is clearly a case of repair, it is recommended to bring the time being the dealer or look at ZIMO by phone or email to find out if it is not perhaps is only an attitude problem (CVs, ...). Approximately one third of the submitted decoder need only a "hard reset" (CV # 8 = 8).
In most cases, can also products whose production date is recent, be repaired. Because of no longer available parts but there are cases where repairs are not possible. Then we strive to provide a replacement product of new production at reduced prices.
The repair processing via the dealer usually saves the shipping cost, but is often not the fastest way, because the transport is often carried out in both directions in collective parcels. With direct submission to ZIMO the fastest possible return of the product is ensured; However, the sender bears the shipping costs in both directions. This will basically also applies to warranty claims (ZIMO located in Austria and therefore mostly abroad).
Address for repair Submissions:
               ZIMO ELEKTRONIK GmbH
               Customer service
               Schönbrunnerstraße 188
               1120 Wien
A possible fully completed repair form is useful when editing!
Especially for Sound decoder: see Operating Instructions "Small Decoder", section "Notes for repair cases".
    .... From non-EU countries:
Unfortunately, even driving within Europe still some customs officers to mischief. Affected the movement of goods to and from Switzerland and Norway and of course the USA / Canada. To avoid major delays and possible additional costs due Verzollungsprozeduren following procedure is recommended:
- For smaller objects (for example, defective decoder or a single joystick box, etc.) is the preferred submission by letter, because letters are not usually checked by customs. Unregistered (not registered) letters are known to be less likely to be intercepted, as registered letters!
- If a packet transport is essential (and no possibility of movement in a neighboring EU country results), the following procedure is proven (- Vormerkverfahren, ... - a release for correctly handling since because of the red tape impracticable is): Rather diffuse Synopsis (such as "model railway Accessories for repair") and low declared value (for example in the case of Switzerland 10, - for a basic unit - for a decoder or sFr 50,.) do! Then the customs office dispensed mostly (because the control would be too burdensome) on an article or even "Nämlichkeits" -berzogenen proof of origin. prescribe sent by post and not by parcel, as parcel services are harassed more by the customs office when the post (officials among themselves ...) and the receiver of customs clearance, we then are required to charge the sender.
Offsetting the cost of repairs:
Billing is usually subsequently invoice enclosed in the return package. ZIMO makes possible no shipping of your orders, as these additional costs would cause and the nature of money-levying, widely perceived as harassment.
The payment of the cost of repairs can be done by VISA (card number and expiration date when placing the order or submit it separately) or by transfer to one of our accounts (see account or bond). The credit card is preferable, especially for small amounts (repair or update one or a few decoders, etc.)
Note: For accounting to private clients in the EU area, we must, without exception, the Austrian VAT (and not those of the recipient country) calculate. In the case of non-EU countries, this is for (non-declared) letters also the case, but still costs less than an inch settlement. (Inevitably Inch declared) packages in non-EU countries, however, are exempt from VAT sender side. There are sure to make import duties in the recipient country.
ZIMO products undergo thorough testing before delivery. If treated properly within the warranty period (24 months) but a loss occur, the corresponding item either be sent directly to ZIMO or the retailer where the purchase was made of the system, are passed.
For the purposes of a simple on all sides settlement there ZIMO no "guarantee certificates" and we renounce usual formalities such as the transmission of the purchase receipt, we leave out the possibility of demand of information before. Be sure, however, an accurate description of the claimed defect should be accompanied, preferably a filled ZIMO repair form.
The guarantee of our choice free elimination of failures, can be proven that manufacturing, material or transport defects or replacement of defective parts. The warranty does not cover the costs of delivery and not the packaging and shipping costs for returning repaired article to a sender abroad, although ZIMO often omitted from fair dealing and de minimis grounds on the offsetting of return costs. The return is by default (unless the submitter requests otherwise) for small products (single or few vehicle receiver) by non-registered letter, with larger products (units, modules) per package. When returning from your dealer, the return is at this - if possible costs due to new deliveries leaflet.
The warranty expires in case of improper treatment, in case of non-compliance with the instructions in the operating instructions, when used together with defective third party products, or non-authorized change of the defective product.
The warranty period is not extended by repair or replacement.
Basically not be required to guarantee performance carried out software updates, which provide the product with new or enhanced features or correct errors that have been detected since the delivery, except regarding this error, the basic functions of the product (eg the mandatory properties NMRA DCC standard) , This also applies to cases where the properties of the product may not fully reflect the wording de operating instructions; is similar to computer programs because of the variety of application possibilities a complete vendor-side validation is not possible.
In the case of sending a ZIMO product together with a foreign product (for example, locomotive has a built ZIMO decoders) ZIMO accepts no liability for any damage to this third-party product that happen in the course of repair work. Moreover ZIMO reserves the right to be repaired, the cost of labor required for the removal and replacement of or exchanged ZIMO product (the decoder from the locomotive / in the locomotive) to calculate the submitter.
Tips to avoid damage:
not confuse Terminals for TRAFO and BAR - This error is still one of the most common repair reasons for Units. Although Special protective elements in the device allow mostly an inexpensive repair, but sometimes also a total loss of the basic unit may result.
carefully prepared CAN bus cable (if) and apply - exchange or conclusions of the cores to each other (for example, caused by "marking" on infected cable) cause damage to the connected devices and modules.
avoid contact with live parts of the locomotive - shrink tube should not be removed.
avoid pinching the decoder when placing the Lokgehäuses - often decoder will be destroyed by mechanical pressure when screwing on the housing.
Remove any direct connection between rail and motor connections safe - especially in older models, there are sometimes multiple links that have been introduced in the construction for better current collection and which are easily overlooked in the digitization. Against such compounds, the protective devices of the decoder are ineffective.
Avoid conclusions mainly the positive and earth wires - they can, because directly from the internal rectifier coming, not (as other output lines) upon detection of a circuit to be switched off. A total loss of the decoder by "burning off" and burn holes in the board are often the result.
DISCONTINUE USING defects engines - namely winding shorts start the engine with (sometimes imperceptible) reduced power continue to run, but can damage electronic components insidiously by millions occurring overcurrent peaks.
Causes of such pursue overtemperature shutdown - vehicles in good condition usually consume much less power than the envisaged for them decoder can deliver. If there anyway to prevent shutdowns due to overloading, is often a defect the cause (defective device, "fine conclusions", ...)
Do not use higher drive voltage than necessary - the reserves in the case of overloading of any kind are smaller, the higher the voltage. Note also that in digital systems without stabilization (especially older non-ZIMO systems), the rail voltage depending on the current driving power consumption, that is, is higher for a low current. Especially when all the trains have stopped, the nominal value of the transformer can kwerden far exceeded.


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