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Almost everyone in the model railway world knows the names Heinz Däppen (Switzerland), Matthias Henning (Germany) or Paul Chetter (England). These "Sound Providers" have made good sound over more than 5 years - together they have created the 100 high-quality sound projects that can be downloaded from the ZIMO Sound Database.
A number of other sound providers have emerged in the meantime and have extended our offering.
The "offspring" of recent times, which are not as well known as those mentioned above, are presented today - located in Austria, Germany and Spain.
These projects coming soon in the ZIMO Sound Database (Georg Breuer already!)

Quang Trung Nguyen

Oliver Zoffi

Heinz Däppen (Switzerland)

Art Luescher

Matthias Henning (Germany)

Paul Chetter (England)

Arnold Hübsch (Germany)

Alexander Mayer introduces himself:

"As a member of the Narrow Gauge Model Railway Group (Schmalspur-Modulbaugruppe), from 2008, I had contact with sound decoders. Thanks to the awareness of our group and the membership of the Club 760 I had (and still have) good access to many heritage railways.

In the meantime I have created more than twenty ZIMO sound projects of (mostly) narrow gauge prototypes for club members and colleagues in FREMO. My interest is not exclusively Austrian prototypes, as German, Hungarian and Serbian sounds can be found in my "portfolio". The main thing is that there is a model of the locomotive on the market.

I attach great importance to original sounds, so I collect different whistles and horns for each loco. The coupling noise, the coal shovelling, the departure whistles are mostly from original recordings of each vehicle.
I work constantly on my sound projects and will gladly incorporate suggestions from the "User". "


Carlos Núñez Deza

Carlos Núñez Deza is a Spanish musician and sound engineer. Since 2013 he cooperates with "" (Simon Osorio, digital dealer in Barcelona) and with ZIMO. His main interest is Spanish locomotives, especially the engines of ALCO and GM, which are used worldwide. The goal is to make a sound, which is very close to the real railway sounds, and to offer an innovative driving experience. But he collects information from the RENFE engineers and mechanics, as well as using heritage railways. He uses only professional recorders, and uses a high-end sound studio.


Georg Breuer introduces himself:

"I am 20 years old and a trained aircraft mechanic. As an avid railway modeller, I put into my projects the utmost self-criticism, and I am not personally satisfied until even the smallest detail is perfect. This naturally also includes the locomotive-specific features, such as the special switching behavior of E10 with fan forced circuit and the manual fan "override", or a realistic braking with separate brake button. 
And for fans of certain classes of locos, I can also customize each project for an additional cost of €10, to suit individual epochs and even individual locomotive numbers. My projects relate mainly to West German and narrow gauge models of the epochs I to VI. I try to achieve everything that is feasible, even for small series models."

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