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ESU 54650 LokPilot V4.0 Direct Micro OEM NMRA DCC Decoder Drop-In for Post-2016 IRC Locos

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MSRP: $40.99
Price: $31.95
You Save: $9.04
[ 5 ] pcs In Stock
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Item Number: 54650
Manufacturer: ESU - Electronic Solutions Ulm
Manufacturer Part No: 54650

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The ESU Decoder is DCC DONE RIGHT. They are one of the finest performing sound and motor control DCC decoders on the market today.

Need help selecting a sound file for this decoder?  Be sure to search the ESU Sound File Library to "select" the perfect sound for your project... or just ask us for help...  we do that.

Need a speaker?  Be sure to check out the incredible selection of SBS4DCC Sugar Cube Speakers...  The 9x16mm or 8x12mm are a great choice for most N Scale narrow hood diesel models.

Need more information?  Be sure to check out the SBS4DCC ESU LokSound 73100-73199 Select Direct Micro Application Notes and SBS4DCC "Sugar Cube" Speaker Application Notes pages in Tutorials Tips and Tricks for lots of great information and installation tips about this product.

Working with Narrow Hood units in N scale? 

The NEW 6 output function LokSound Select Direct Micro decoder was designed with this purpose in mind! 

The LokSound Select is a versatile DCC & DC “Dual Mode” decoder integrating a full-featured, 8 channel sound system, and a .75A motor controller. 

The NEW LokSound Select Direct Micro only measures 2.60 inch long x .32 inch wide by only .18 tall (66mm x 8.2mm x 4.5mm) making it the world´s narrowest LokSound decoder! 

And, one of the only 6 function output Micro Sound decoders on the market! 

We ship the LokSound Select Direct Micro in 2 form factors. 

A Retail version which will drop into many pre-2016 Atlas and InterMountain Locos, (and others with minor modification) and an OEM version which is made as an upgrade to DC Locos that came from the factory with ESU Sound. 

This allows flexible installation in your favorite N scale models. 

Due to its unique thermal design, it (like all genuine LokSound decoders) does not need any heat sinks. 

For LokSound Select decoders, we offer a comprehensive range of new high-power speakers. 

This includes our 50321 11mm x15mm cell phone type speakers! 

Operational modes 

The LokSound Select can be used on conventional “analog” layouts and controlled with a DC power pack, but to benefit from all its features, we highly recommend DCC operation. 

The LokSound Select follows all NMRA DCC standards and recommended practices. 

It can be used with 14, 28 or 128 speed steps, supports two digit (7 bit addresses) as well as “4-digit” addressing. 

Up to 29 function keys are supported. 

The LokSound Select can change between DC and DCC operation at any time “on the fly”. 

Of course, the LokSound Select supports all DCC-programming modes including Programming on the Main Track (“POM”). 

Because of its unique low-power design, the LokSound Select can be programmed on the programming track of all popular DCC systems. 

No programming track boosters or other circuitry will be needed. 

By the use of our LokSound Programmer, programming can be even more comfortable by using your computer to adjust the many CVs and settings. 


The LokSound Select comes with a 32 MBit memory chip. 

The sounds stored therein are our own recordings which were made by using the latest recording equipment and have been digitally re-mastered for the best audio possible. 

The sounds are transferred to a class “D” audio amplifier via eight polyphonic sound channels. 

LokSound Select decoders offer the following unique features: 

Multiple whistle and horns: Each LokSound Select offers many whistle & horns. By just changing one CV, you can select your favorite one. This allows an easier adjustment to your model. 

Playable horn: The LokSound Select supports a very fast responding horn function. By just pressing your throttle‘s button, you can really blow the whistle like the real engineer. 

8 channel sound: The LokSound Select can playback up to 8 sounds at the same time. This will result in the most realistic experience available today. 

Synchronized brake squeal: The LokSound Select will synchronize the brake squeal sound with the real movement of the locomotive. No longer will stopped trains have the brake sound still on! 

“Full Throttle Features”: The diesel speed steps can be either manually controlled by function keys or automatically based on the speed. 

Individual volume control: The volume of all sound effects can be adjusted individually. 

Diesel decoders can produce over 20 sound effects, including the engine start-up and shutdown, prime mover sounds through all eight notches, bell, air horn, air compressor, dynamic brakes, fans, brake squeals, coupling and uncoupling, detector sounds, rail clank and many more. 

Customize your sounds 

Unlike other manufacturers, LokSound Select offers you two options to customize your engine. 

The most simple is by using one (!) CV. You can select the prime mover sound, the desired whistle or horn and the bell. 

Each LokSound Select offers various options on that. 

However, if you are still unsatisfied with the result, you may at any time use the famous LokSound Programmer to download new sounds into the LokSound Select. 

We offer numerous “ready-made” sound packages for easy downloading. 

Superior motor control ESU offers load compensation (using B-EMF) since 1999. 

While other manufacturers seem only to focus on the sound options, the LokSound Select offers the 5th generation of motor control resulting in a smooth and precise locomotive operation. 

We at ESU believe that good motor control is mandatory for model trains: Even the best sound is worthless if the locomotive running is not smooth! 

Regardless if you are using coreless or conventional DC motors, the LokSound Select’s unique auto-detection function can measure the characteristics and adjust the internal settings. 

There is no need to fiddle around with many CVs to adjust to the engine. 

Due to Dynamic Drive Control (DDC) you can limit the influence of the load control and operate really smoothly around the depot and over turnouts, while on the main, when going uphill the engine prototypically slows down. 

Shining lighting effects 

LokSound Select Direct Micro decoders have 6 function outputs with the possibility of using constant current of 50mA each. 

These outputs can be assigned individually. 

All important light functions like Flashing ditchlights, Gyrolight, Mars light, and so on are provided including an individual adjustment of brightness for each function. 

Besides D312 Rotary beacon, strobe and alternate flashing, Mars light, Gyralight, Ditch lights (two types), Oscillating Headlights, Stratolight and many more. 

The Rule 17 dimmable headlight can be either controlled automatically or by function button. 

A LED mode brightness correction feature now also allows using LEDs for lighting effects. 

This is an important feature since LEDs do behave different than bulbs. (Pulse Width Modulation) 


All function outputs and the motor connection are protected against overload and short-circuit. 

We want you to enjoy your LokSound decoder as long as possible. 

Built-in Futures 

LokSound Select decoders are firmware-updatable. 

This means, the internal decoder software can be replaced by new versions, if necessary. 

For this, you only need an ESU LokSound Programmer and a PC.

Decoder Specifications

Operation Modes

  • NMRA DCC with 14, 28 or 128 speed steps
  • 2-digit (short) and 4-digit (long) addresses
  • Anaolg DC operation (de-selectable)
  • Automatic recognition of operational mode and DCC speed step selection
  • Supports Lenz LG100 braking sections, ABC brake sections and brake on DC


  • Runs DC and Coreless motors
  • 0.75A Continuous Load / 1.00A Peak Load
  • Silent, safe 40,000 kHz pulse width frequency motor BEMF
  • Motor output overload protected
  • Shunting speed and momentum key selectable

Sound (excludes 54650)

  • Audio Amplifier: 1.5W @ 4 ohms load
  • Speaker impedance: between 4 ohms and 16 ohms
  • Memory Capacity: 32 Mbit
  • 8 sound channels, all playable at once!
  • Library of over 100 sounds available for download

Programming features

  • DCC Service mode & DCC POM (Program On Main)
  • Railcom feedback system
  • Railcom Plus Automatic registration

Function Outputs

  • 6 powered outputs
  • 50mA Load per output

Model 73100

  • Output F0F and F0R available on soldering pads (3mm LEDs included and must be adjusted to length)
  • Output AUX1 and AUX2 hardwired to SMD LEDs
  • Outputs AUX3 and AUX4 available on soldering pads

Model 73199 and 54650

  • Output F0F and F0R hardwired to SMD LEDs
  • Output AUX1 and AUX2 hardwired to SMD LEDs
  • Outputs AUX3 and AUX4 hardwired to SMD LEDs? and available on soldering pads


  • 2.60 x 0.32 x 0.18 inch (66.0 x 8.2 x 4.5 mm) 

Manufacturers Website: ESU - Electronic Soultions Ulm


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