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N Kato UP Union Pacific Excursion Train 7-Car Set

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MSRP: $250.00
Sale Price: $153.00
You Save: $97.00
[ 5 ] pcs In Stock
Backorders Not Accepted
Item Number: 106-086
Manufacturer: Kato USA
Manufacturer Part No: 106-086
on sale
N Kato UP Union Pacific Excursion Train 7-Car Set

Set Contents:

Power Car #207
Budd 10-6 Sleeper #202 "Willie James"
Museum Car #5779 "Promontory"
Dome Coach #7001 "Colombine"
Coach #5473 "Portland Rose"
Dome Diner #8008 "City of Portland"
Business Car #119 "Kenefick"

Powered: No
Couplers: Kato
Item Grade: C9 - Factory New
Manufacturers Website: Kato USA

Prototype Information:

The Union Pacific FEF (Four Eight Four), along with the GS-4 is easily one of the most recognizable US steam prototypes still in operation today. The FEF-3 series of steam locomotives was delivered in 1944 and were the last, and some of the largest, steam locomotives delivered for use by the Union Pacific. Operated solely by the Union Pacific, the FEF's (sometimes referred to as "Northerns", due to the NP's being the first to build steam locomotives with the 4-8-4 wheel arrangement) were intended primarily to be passenger locomotives but the UP's large fleet of available diesels meant that the FEF's were put to work in secondary passenger and fast freight service.

Today, FEF-3 #844 (at some times during history also known as #8444 to avoid numbering conflictions with a diesel loco) survives to pull excursion trains as a publicity locomotive for the Union Pacific, and is one the UP's oldest operating locmotives.

Accompanying the "living legend" FEF-3 is always at least one of a pair of Union Pacific Water Tenders, carrying spare water for the steam engine (Water filling stations being a rarity in the diesel era). These unique re-built cars have seen service as both Steam and Gas Turbine Electric fuel tenders before finally settling into their current forms as part of UP's steam heritage fleet where they operate as separate (but always-present) cars.

Model Information:

The third component of this Union Pacific release will be a 7-car Excursion train consist featuring two brand new cars - A Power Car (A modified/rebuilt Baggage Dormitory car prototypically used for providing head end power to the trailing cars) and a UP Business car "Kenefick" will form the head and tail of the excursion consist, which will include notable cars like the vibrantly decorated Promontory Museum car, with its full-body American Flag wrap, and a pair of Dome cars.

A 1962 Vintage Baggage car, “Promontory” rebuilt and refitted #5779 into a traveling Museum exhibition for use on its excursion trains, 
adorning the outer body with the large US Flag graphic that makes it immediately identifiable in an excursion consist and filling the 
interior with a variety of interactive exhibits and memorabilia of Union Pacific’s past.

NEW Special Cars:

Originally a Baggage/Dormitory car, this special car was rebuilt as a Steam Generator dormitory to provide steam and heat to trains in 
the early diesel era on trains which previously had relied on steam locomotives to provide both. Later in life they were converted again, 
fitted with Diesel generators (now a Power Car) to provide electricity for trains and are now, in a fitting twist, used on UP’s Steam-pulled 
excursion trains to provide Head End Power. 

Named after John Cooper Kenefick, president of the Union Pacific railroad from 1971 to 1983, “Kenefick” is a Pullman-built Business car 
utilized on special excursion trains and is one of 9 platform observation cars in Union Pacific’s heritage fleet; Offering luxurious dining 
space and accommodations for only the most special of events, private cars such as these are a rare and exciting treat for railroaders to 
get a glimpse of, inside or out. 

Both of the above cars will be brand new for the Union Pacific Excursion train set, being fully compatible with Kato’s standard interior lighting kits and with the Business car coming with pre-installed illumination for the tail lights and a fully detailed interior. 

Model Features:

  • All detail parts installed

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